Historic day for Boeing in North Charleston

A look from above before Friday's ceremony (WCIV/ John Gaddy)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - It's a historic day in North Charleston.{} The first Boeing Dreamliner 787 is being delivered to Air India.

Boeing has delivered Air India their first South Carolina made 787. Air India is a country owned airline expected to serve 1.2 billion people. Air India board members say some customers are already asking for the jet by name.

"The initial reports are very encouraging because we are using them for the domestic operations the average passenger doesn't have all the time to feel all the features of the aircraft it's a 12 hour flight maximum," said Km Umni with Air India.

The 787 made it's first test flight to India last month. An Air India pilot noticed they had less fatigue after a long flight from New York to Germany.

"The noise levels were very very low.{} A couple of times I doubted that the engines were on," said Amitabh, an Air India Pilot.

Delivery day however, did not come without some set backs.

"The delay was initially on our part. Everyone in the world knows that we were going to deliver these planes in 2008, then we got into a situation when the airplanes were getting ready and they were going through their processes. It's all behind us now," said Dinesh Keskar, VP of Asia Sales for Boeing.

Keskar says the airline will now have 27 more fuel efficient planes to help turn around business for Air India.

Air India is expected to make flights to Europe this month.