Hit and run victims share story from hospital beds

Harleigh Eury

By Eric

CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) -- An arrest has been made in a hit-and-run that injured four children in Summerville over the weekend. Philip Andrew Wucherer, 22, was taken into custody at his workplace in Dorchester County, Tuesday.

Three of the injured victims are still in the hospital with serious injuries. The oldest, 14-year-old Dottie Jackson says she's not angry over what happened. She says she's not frustrated either.

She's dealing with her injuries and continues to be concerned for her siblings.

"I saw Evan, he was pretty bad and hurt, I kind of wanted to cry," said Dottie. "I felt bad seeing them in pain."

Dottie's sister Sydney is now out of the hospital. Her brother Evan, and the fourth victim, their friend Harleigh, remain at MUSC.

Dottie has little memory of when she was hit by the car on Saturday. She came to, hours later.

"Being at the hospital, that's all I remember," she said. "All I remember is them bringing me into surgery."

For Dottie, who has facial injuries and severe fractures, and Evan who suffered a dislocated hip, the one constant has been the pain.

"I want this to go away, this hurts really bad," said Evan Hopkins.

Harleigh Eury, who's just 10-year-old, has had better luck remembering. She says the group heard a car in the distance speeding towards them.

"Like it hit something, like it slammed on the brakes and turned real fast," Harleigh said. "And after it did, we saw bright lights and started running."

The collision broke her pelvis. Harleigh says she was lying in the road when help came.

"I rolled over the top of the car and landed. I don't know how I landed in the place that I was in."

Both Harleigh and Dottie have gone through the early stages of physical therapy, of course there's still a lot pain involved in that. Evan has been told he can go home on Wednesday.

They're all looking forward to going back to school.

Wucherer's been charged with three counts of leaving the scene of a collision involving great bodily injury, and one count of leaving the scene of a collision involving personal injury.