Holiday Market allows kids to buy presents for family members

Mitchell Math and Science Elementary's Holiday Market allowed students to buy presents for family members (Dave MacQueen/WCIV)

By Sonya

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Students at Mitchell Math and Science Elementary got a chance to do some Christmas shopping on Thursday.

It was more like a mall than a cafeteria as students were busy shopping for Christmas gifts for family members.

"The mindset behind it is to teach them about giving as well as providing an opportunity for kids who would not normally be able to purchase very nice presents for their parents at Christmas time," said Reginald Terry, Behavior Management Specialist at Mitchell Elementary.

Students bought a wide variety of items donated by parents, teachers, volunteers and various school partners. Those items were then gift wrapped by volunteers.

The school actually does a weekly market, but this time of year the students get to shop for others. They pay with shark bucks that they earn for themselves.

"S stands for safe, H stands for honesty, A stands for ambitious, R stands for respectful and K stands for kind," said Desjohn Kitchen, 6th grader.

"When these kids are observed displaying these behaviors throughout the school year, every adult has shark money with them and these kids are rewarded for being good," said Terry.

Since the weekly school market and holiday market began several years ago, Mr. Terry, the school's behavior management specialist, says that he has seen the number of behavioral referrals almost cut in half.