Holly Carter, Dermatology PA

Holly Carter, Dermatology PA- Holly Carter, a South Carolina native, is a physician assistant in dermatology.{}{} Holly was trained in dermatology personally by Dr. Marguerite Germain.{} Holly has a masters of science in physician assistant studies from the Medical University of South Carolina.{} After graduating from the University of South Carolina in Columbia with a major in Biology, she worked for small corporation prior to beginning school at the Medical University of South Carolina.{} During her four years at the University of South Carolina, she spent her free time volunteering at medical clinics in the area.{} Holly's passion for medicine lead her to seek an occupation in the field.

Holly began working and training with Dr. Marguerite Germain once graduating from MUSC in August of 2005.{} She spent an entire year in training with Dr. Germain to learn dermatology prior to beginning her own clinic.{} With 5 years of experience at Germain Dermatology, Holly sees her own clinic and performs surgeries daily at Germain Dermatology.{} She accepts new and follow up patients for all types of skin conditions.{} Holly is considered an acne specialist.{} She also gives lectures locally in hopes of educating other health professionals and the community regarding skin care and sun protection awareness. {}She is a member of many professional organizations that include American Academy of Physician Assistants, South Carolina Dermatological Association, South Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants, and South Carolina Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants.