Holy City a beacon for blooming wedding industry

Charleston Bridal Show

By Stefanie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Shermic Brown is like most brides -- stressed, anxious, and ready for the big day, all at the same time.

"It's very stressful because I have a groomzilla that thinks he's the bride, so this is very stressful and he's driving me crazy," Shermic Brown said.

Brown found herself at the Charleston Bridal Show held at the Charleston Marriott on January 13th to conquer the wedding to-do list and get a little peace away from her groom.

Shermic Brown is just one of many to decide to say her 'I do's' in the Holy City. As the Charleston Bridal Show revealed with over 80 vendors this year, you can't step a foot in this town without seeing a wedding dress shop, event planning, photographers, or venues itching to host your big day.

"The media has painted such a great picture of Charleston for weddings there is so much to do; you've got the carriage rides, and the history of Charleston, and the beaches and everything so it kind of has become a target for places to get married," said Owner and Producer of the Charleston Bridal Show, Kathy Baxley-Stewart. "So we've seen a lot of destination weddings and local brides too."

The industry report numbers are the proof in the pudding.

"We actually bounce around in the top 5 of places to get married and that's in the world," Baxley-Stewart said. "I think it goes back to so much that Charleston has to offer. You can kind of have the wedding of your dreams and look completely different from one bride to the next."

Looking different from other brides is wedding shop owner Deborah Green's job. Green of Deborah's Bridal in West Ashley said she's seen an up tick in business in recent years thanks to this wedding industry boom.

"Business went through a slow like every other business, but we are starting to see a turn in the market and I think that brides are starting to shop a little more so we're excited about that," Green said. "Things have changed in the ways brides shop, customers are coming more relaxed and not afraid to spend."

Green's biggest advice to brides is to plan ahead and get that dress ordered early.

"It takes about four to six months for a dress to come in, so start early which allows her enough time especially if she's on a tight budget," Green said.

Sound advice for glowing brides like Shermic Brown, who with a wedding just around the corner on September 21st, offers her own advice to brides out there.

"Take time to plan, definitely plan, plan, plan and make sure you have a budget set before you start getting things in order, and everything should run smoothly," Brown said.

"Oh, and don't get a groomzilla," she said.

The next Charleston Bridal Show will take place on August 4th at the Charleston Marriott Hotel in Downtown Charleston.