Home Depot sends volunteers to help with veteran's home makeover

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Sweeping away dirt is part of the makeover process for the volunteers from Home Depot. They're part of crew that will keep pouring buckets of paint until their job is done.

"Mr. Anderson is getting his ceilings painted, his walls painted, in his kitchen, living room bedroom, new lighting and new front door," said Debbie Molnar, captain of Team Depot.

Molnar and her fellow Home Depot employees are helping to turn around the look of 83-year-old John Anderson's home.

"It's Christmas. I couldn't answer better. I never thought of it. They're putting a front door on, a light fixture up, they're painting," said Anderson.

The Korean War Veteran says he originally asked his friends at the VA to help him with the painting task.

"The VA takes care of me in my home. I cannot drive, I cannot ride a bicycle or climb a ladder. So the VA comes to me at my house and takes wonderful care of me now for a couple of years," said Anderson. {}

It was Anderson's social worker through the VA's home based primary care program who filled out a grant through the Home Depot's community foundation.

"This project was way too big for him. He took care of his wife before she died in 2002 and I think things just got away from him at that point," said Carla Greene. "So having a team come in and see his needs, we may have never identified these needs had there not been home depot team come in."{}

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