Homecoming surprise at Riverdogs game

By: Valencia{}{}

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- For three young kids, Riverdogs stadium became a field of dreams. After an 18 month deployment, a lowcountry soldier made a safe return home. His kids eventually found him behind home plate.


Angel Guzman decided to surprise his kids before the Charleston Riverdogs game at Joe Riley Park Monday night.

"It's been a long time, especially for my oldest, this is his second deployment to go through and I wanted something memorable. Something that they would remember and be excited about. Not just 'hey daddy left and been gone for a long time and now he's back'," said Guzman.{}

Eight-year-old AJ, five-year-old Elyssa and one-year-old Michael haven't seen their dad in 18 months. And, surprisingly but according to plan, the three were{}picked to throw out the first pitch at the Riverdogs game.

The kids didn't realize that their dad was behind the catchers mask waiting for the baseballs to be thrown his way.

Once the pitches were tossed, Angel took off his mask, ran to his kids and heard the words he'd been waiting to{} hear for a long time.

"Daddy," screamed his oldest son AJ.

"It's a blur really," said Angel's wife Jamie.

What Angel is really looking forward to is what many dad's may take for granted.

"Just relaxing with them and those lazy Sunday afternoons on the beach or on the couch when they curl up next to you or early in the morning when they crawl on the bed with you," said Angel.

Once Angel is settled in he plans to pack up the family for a trip to Disney World.