Hootie's Homegrown Round Up dishes out collected supplies

By Ava Wilhite

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Taking school supplies to a concert has become the norm for Hootie and the Blowfish fans in Charleston.

Fans brought school supplies to the band's concert and on Saturday, the supplies were handed out to those students at Hootie's Homegrown Round-Up.

"I got folders, a notebook and books, and hand sanitizer, and stuff like that," said Keren Collins, a second grader.

Collins and other students like her were not only excited to open a{} backpack full of free schools supplies, but they also get sized for free shoes and socks.

"A lot of them think it's like Christmas. I ran into a couple of our students in the hall and they were going through their bags out there and they are checking out their hand sanitizer and blowing their bubbles. They are just as proud as can be. It's like another holiday for them," said Lori Dane-Smith, a first grade teacher at WB Goodwin Elementary.

Dane-Smith said if it wasn't for the round up, she and other teachers would have to use their own money to get supplies for their classrooms.

"This is real important for our kids. Our families often have to decide whether to buy food for our children or supplies for our children," she said. "We try and supplement and get things to our children they don't have, this is hugely important."

Free dental care and haircuts were also given to the kids.

"This is big help. I'm not going to lie because right now I'm currently not working so, it's a big help for me," Terrianno Lawton, a parent.