Public housing building still has gaping hole

File photos from Feb. 2010 (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Two years later, and drivers can still look up to see a hole in a Charleston high-rise covered in tarp.

The gaping hole formed in the side of Joseph Floyd Manor in 2010. High winds sent a large portion of the building plummeting to the street below.{}

No one was injured, but the building, home to several hundred of Charleston's low-income residents, was left with a massive visible scar.{}

Charleston County's Housing Authority acted quickly in the following days, erecting a large blue tarp and filing an insurance claim, but 29 months later, the hole has not been fixed.{}

"Some of the residents who live on that side of the building are complaining" Edwin Taylor, who had lived there for many years, said. "Not complaining, but they are wondering when is it going to get fixed?"

Taylor says a group of concerned residents went to Charleston Mayor Joe Riley's office but were told it is a Charleston Housing Authority issue.

The Charleston County Housing & Redevelopment Authority sent us the following statement:"On February 5, 2010, during a windstorm, Joseph Floyd Manor incurred extensive damage to the exterior west wall.{} Following the incident, the Charleston County Housing and Redevelopment Authority immediately contacted the SC Budget & Control Board Insurance Reserve Fund to file a claim.{} The Insurance Reserve assessed the damage and offered to pay a settlement of approximately $49,000 to replace two (2) sections of the wall.{} However, we rejected the offer because our forensic architect (after investigation) recommended replacement of the entire wall.{} After a two (2) year battle with the Insurance Reserve, we finally settled on an agreement for them to pay approximately $90,000.{} Since that time, the design process took thirty (30) days, and the bid process (per HUD's regulations) took six (6) weeks.{} We are in final negotiation with the general contractor, and we are doing everything we can to get the repairs completed properly and expeditiously."

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