Gov. Haley: Plan your evacuation route

By Lia

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Governor Nikki Haley toured the coast Friday to urge residents to prepare for the hurricane season.

"We have already seen it's been busy before the start of hurricane season. Now is the time we need people to get involved," Governor Haley said.

The governor stopped in Conway, Beaufort and in North Charleston, meeting with state and local emergency response officials.

The most important part to being prepared this season is to know what has changed the governor said.

"Residents need to see what zone they live in because it is different than what it was before."

In addition to zoning changes, there are also new evacuation routes in the event of a serious threat.

"We selected these routes because of their ability to carry traffic. We also will effectively manage these routes' law enforcement," State Traffic Management Engineer for the Department of Transportation said.

The changes come after the National Hurricane Center said will be a near normal hurricane season. They call for nine to 15 named storms with four to eight of them becoming potential hurricanes.

"Our biggest concern today is that there is a much bigger population on the coast than there was ten years ago," Haley said. "There are much stronger storm surges that will come further inland that we did not anticipate, so people who have not had to worry about hurricanes before will have to worry now."

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