How LoveGave added another person to a Lowcountry family

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - It was a littlemore than a month ago when an organization called LoveGave raised money to helpten adoptive families.

One Lowcountry family is already reaping thebenefits as their family of five grew to a family of six this weekend.

For 14 long days, videos and FaceTime is whatkept the Gotbeter family connected between Charleston and China.

"Every time we would FaceTime, just begging toput Molly on, put Molly on, we just want to see her," said Brittan Gotbeter.

Brittan and her husband Thomas were finalizingpaperwork for their soon-to-be daughter, a 3-year-old named Molly.

"She was staying in an orphanage, and she had ananny who would tend to her best she could, but she didn't have a mom and adad. It's just unbelievable," said Brittan Gotbeter.

But that all changed in the last two weeks when theGotbeters took their other daughter Hartley to China to finalize the adoption.Big brothers West and Thomas had to stay behind in Charleston, though.

"Leaving behind two kids at home for two weeks, missing workfor a couple weeks, just completely out of your normal routine, being in adifferent country," said Brittan Gotbeter.

Then the moment finally came - Molly wasofficially at Gotbeter, and her big brothers couldn't wait for the newestmember of the family to make it back to the Lowcountry.

"There were big, huge crocodile tears, which in turn madetheir mama cry big, huge crocodile tears. They've been so excited," said ThomasGotbeter.

It's a union that would have been impossible without family,friends and the $10,000 donation from LoveGave.

"LoveGave was so instrumental. That was literally the moneythat put us on the plane to China and helped fund us while we were in thecountry," said Gotbeter. "God works in great ways and gives you strengththrough numbers, and he shows his greatness through that."

And now a Charleston family is whole again with the blessingof an extra heart.

The family says Molly is getting along well with her newbrothers and sisters, and there are already signs of sibling rivalry.

They said Molly does suffer from a medical condition thatmakes it hard for her to walk, but she will be treated for the condition closeto her new home in Charleston.

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