How to save some green on Christmas trees

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. No matter where you turn, wreaths, Santa, and candy canes are sure to find you.

But the most treasured decoration of them all is that glistening Christmas tree.

"I just think people love Christmas, they love the holiday and they really get in the spirit after Thanksgiving and Christmas is, no matter how bad the economy is, people are going to have their Christmas and especially the tree," Jeri Martin said, a garden department sales associate at Lowe's in Mount Pleasant.

At the same time, trees are known to be pricey -- but is there a way to save some green on your tree? Experts said people just have to look a little harder and ask the right question to get those marked down tree prices.

"For it to get marked down to $10, it would have to be in pretty bad shape to where the trunk is split bad enough to where they had to cut it so short that there wasn't a lot of tree left," Martin said.

But you just have to ask, Martin said, and if that budget is tight a less than perfect tree could be the answer-- or perhaps, an easier option?

"It is amazing. We have sold almost all of our artificial trees; we have very few artificial trees left. They have sold like hot cakes we have sold as many artificial as we have fresh," he said.

And if you opt for the real deal, how do you keep the tree healthy all season long?

"Everyday you should check your water levels and make sure that the container you have your tree in is completely full of water because these trees when they leave here we cut off their base and the suck up water so you really need to check everyday," Martin said.