How you can stop the mosquito buzz

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston County Mosquito Control went door-to-door at West Ashley's Carolina Bay neighborhood Friday to educate homeowners about mosquitoes.

"We are just doing a one community citizen awareness program," taxonomist Ed Harne said.

"Please take care of the containers you might have around your yard outside your house something like a pet water dish, a plant pot. It could be a bird bath. Anything that could bring tremendous amount of mosquitoes please flush that out or dump it over."

Homeowners who were not home received a packet of information with a list of things they could to tone down the buzz.

Harne says mosquitoes have been especially bad after this wet June.

"The rain has got it up and has us going full blast so we are doing everything we can to eradicate and prevent the spread of both aquatic stage mosquitoes and the ones flying around," he said.

Harne says the team can't be everywhere. That's why they need a proactive community to do their part.

The county recommends to drain, fill, or eliminate any area that holds water. The county also offers these tips:

- Clean drainage ditches of debris and weeds

- Pack tree hole with sand or cement

- Maintain swimming pools with proper pool chemicals

- Stock ornamental pools/ponds with mosquito-eating fish

- Empty and turn over containers

- Cuttings every few days

- Keep boats drained and covered/overturned

Experts said common mosquito breeding sites include containers that hold water, tires, tree holes, and low areas that hold water for several days.

For more information, contact Charleston County Mosquito Control at 843-202-7880