Rural Colleton County still in the dark after winter storm

SMOAKS, S.C. (WCIV) -{}One of the counties hardest hit in the Lowcountry by the winter storm was Colleton County. Many are still without power and water and have to dodge downed power lines and trees.

For the last five days, Shellie Trotman and her family have been without power and water.

"It's just miserable," Trotman said. "I have two kids. One, two years old and one, seven months with no lights, can't wash them, can't feed them, have to go from house to house."

Trotman's family is one of dozens of others waiting for power to be restored to their home in Smoaks, a small town in Colleton County not far from St. George.

"I mean, what can we do?" said Jerome Stokes. "They got a lot of customers they got to get to."

Downed power lines and tree limbs lined the roads in Smoaks, making it hard for families to travel when they had the opportunity.

"I had to clear the path to the dirt road like four or five times during the week, just to get through," said Stokes.

Monday, Colleton County officials said cleanup for the county would begin on Tuesday. Authorities with Colleton County Emergency Management said they hired a company to assist their crews but, those workers were not allowed to go on private property.

Homeowners in Colleton County are asked to push all the rubbish on their property toward the street.

Officials say cleanup of the entire county could take 45 to 60 days.{}

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