Huntsman in the hunt?

By Victoria

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- What do you do before going one-on-one with New Gingrich in a presidential debate? You go to Goose Creek for breakfast of course.

John Huntsman is in the Lowcountry this weekend trying to gain some much needed momentum. This as he recently accepted an invitation to debate the latest front runner, Newt Gingrich, one-on-one.

"We've had six front runners from the very beginning. I'm getting whip lash just watching people go up and down with such regularity," Huntsman said.

He sat down with us just outside our ABC News 4 studio Friday, dressed in jeans and cowboy boots. He was relaxed as he talked about the issues and his strategy.

"You have the preseason which is full of political theatrics and drama that everybody loves to tune into although it's meaningless, and then you get to this, the final stretch," he said.

Huntsman likens the campaign trail to a NASCAR race, saying it comes down to those final laps. He's been working hard in New Hampshire where a recent poll puts him at 11 percent, the first double digits of his campaign.

"When you can prove the point that you can make the sale in New Hampshire, I think you come here to South Carolina and then a lot of people are thinking about electability. Who can go the distance and actually beat the president?" he said.

The New York Times recently named Huntsman the candidate most likely to unseat Barack Obama. Huntsman says at some point the political bickering has to end, and the party needs to choose the person who has the best chance. Huntsman believes he's that man.

"Do I like our chances? I like our chances, I think we're in a good spot."

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