It's Girl Scout cookie time!

By Stefanie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - It's that time of year when the thin mints are chilling in the freezer and the lemonade cookies are tucked away in the office drawer. Yes, we're talking about Girl Scout cookies. It's that time a year where the once-a-year cookie sales event snaps into high gear.

"That's what made Girl Scouts famous is their cookies," said Director of Product Program, Patriece Rhett. "For a girl it teaches them life skills that they can use; they learn goal setting."

Rhett said the cookies bring attention to the 101-year-old group's legacy and enduring mission to empower young girls.

"Not only do they learn to operate a business, they learn something about themselves they otherwise would not have known and it pulls something out of them that they did not even know existed inside of them," Rhett said.

Prices for the delicious treats haven't changed in years-- you can still purchase a box for just $3.50. Presales for the Girl Scout cookies started on Friday and lasts until the end of January. Booth sales pick up in February and wrap up in March.

"It's kind of like running your own little business, we teach them all of the skills that a business would normally operate," Rhett said. "I know people know about Girl Scouts because we've been around for so long but they don't realize how much it impacts a little girl's life."

It's not too late to sign up for the Girl Scouts and start selling cookies. Joining the group costs $12 dollars for both girls and mothers each. The age limit to get involved is K- 5 to 12th grade. You can sign up in person at the Girl Scouts local counsel office at 7951 Dorchester Road in North Charleston or by calling (843) 552-9910.