It's hot on the Ocean Course, but there are ways to stay cool

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - It is extremely hot on the Ocean Course this week and even though the spectators and players are near the beach and comforted by a sea breeze, there is very little shade on the course.

The sun beats off the sand and turns the 18-hole stretch of paradise into an 18-hole stretch of sweat.

"I am extremely sweaty," said spectator Lori Rubenoff. "The bottle is better over your head than drinking it."

"We probably won't walk is what we learned," said spectator Jim Mann. "We'll probably stay on the grass. The sand, it's hot."

To beat the heat there are roughly 30 different beverage stations spread throughout the golf course. There are also cooling stations and benches near the front entrance that have air conditioning pumped through them so visitors can cool their jets.

According to Don Lundy with Charleston County EMS, they have treated 59 patients on-site at the PGA Championship Monday.{} Of the 59 they treated, 58 were heat-related.

None of the patients were taken to the hospital. The patients were taken by EMT's from Charleston County EMS and St. Johns Fire Department to one of three on-site clinics staffed by Roper St. Francis hospital.