It's like trying to find a needle-in a sandwich?

File photo (MGN)

From ABC News

Several passengers aboard recent Delta airlines flights bit off more than they could chew- literally. Approximately one half dozen sewing needles were found in sandwiches served on four separate flights this past Sunday.

Federal authorities, including the FBI, are now investigating who may have had access to the food for flights that originated out of Amsterdam bound for the U. S.

According to a statement released by Delta airlines, it "has taken immediate action with our in-flight caterer at Amsterdam to ensure the safety and quality of the food we provide onboard our aircraft."

James Tonges was injured after taking a bite of his sandwich. "It was on the second bite into the sandwich. It actually poked the top of my mouth. It was about a one-inch long straight needle."

Gate Gourmet released their own statement saying,"We take this matter very seriously. Gate Gourmet immediately launched a full investigation to determine the root cause of this disturbing incident, and we are treating this as a criminal act."

Authorities are also investigating a report that a father and son, on different flights, were victims.

All sandwiches prepared by the Gate Gourmet have been removed from{}flights.


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