James Island grad proving he's a star on the field, in the classroom

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- Playing two sports in college is a huge challenge for anyone, but handling an Ivy League workload makes it even more difficult. But one James Island grad is doing just that.

Bo knows football.

"It's better than I thought; I thought it would be a bunch of rich private school kids, that's not the case at all. It's great football," said Dartmouth College wide receiver Bo Patterson.{}

And Bo knows baseball.{}

"We were the last Division I team undefeated this year. We went to the championship two years in a row. I got a chance to play this year, it was a lot of fun," said the James Island native and former Trojan.{}

Going to an Ivy League institution like Dartmouth, Bo certainly knows studying.{}

"Coaches have worked it out. I'm not too overworked. They're all on board. They make it so I'm busy -- if I'm not busy, I'm doing something wrong," he said.{}

Such is the life of Bo Patterson, a two-sport, Ivy League athlete from the Lowcountry. He's not just on the baseball and football teams, he's logging major minutes and putting up major statistics in both.{}

In addition, he's a history major excelling in the classroom.{}

"I initially thought I was swimming in deep water. I was over my head a bit. I've kind of held my own, definitely dealing with smart people. You've got to understand, most people are smarter than you," Patterson said. "You have to swallow your pride a bit."

Patterson belongs there; he's fitting in and is adjusting well to the Hanover, N.H., school. A guy who had never been on a plane before he headed to school is adjusting to the Northern winters.{}

He's also getting a history lesson every Ivy League Saturday.{}

"It's so cool, it's so historic. The Ivy League used to be the marquis league in the country. You feel the history when you enter the stadium every Saturday; it's really cool," he said.{}

Patterson isn't living this journey alone. His father, John Patterson, was his head coach at James Island, and even though his son is now hundreds of miles away from the Lowcountry, he still hasn't missed one of Bo's games.

Patterson is now the athletics director at a small high school in New Hampshire about an hour and a half from Dartmouth.{}

That means there are plenty of sporting events for him to see with the pace Bo is going. He'll leave in two years with a pretty good degree as well.