James Island residents pleased with Harbor View Road plan

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston County Council gave the green light to the Harbor View Road project at its council meeting Tuesday night.

Council members voted in favor of "Alternative B" that will include a traffic circle at the intersection of Harbor View and Fort Johnson Road, a sidewalk on the south side of the road and bike lanes.

A group of concerned citizens formed a group called "Will You Miss These Trees" when the project was first proposed. A member of the group, Mary Beth Berry, says the idea came after neighbors wanted to get organized to voice their concerns about the project to local lawmakers.

Berry says though the group didn't get everything they wanted, she is pleased council listened to their concerns.

"I think we have to give an awful lot of credit to county council," Berry said. "This has been a difficult process for us, but it's also been difficult for them. Going back and redesigning a plan, that's not often done, and there is an expense involved. So, it's kind of impressive that they were willing to listen to the people and take that step and instruct RoadWise to create a better design."

The group opposed the original plan that would have added a 10-foot multi-purpose path along one side of the road.

"It's a great idea for Dorchester Road. It's not a good idea on Harbor View because there are too many intersecting streets," Berry said.

Alternative B eliminated that portion of the project and made the medians smaller so homeowners could retain more of their land and save their trees.

Berry says she is grateful to Charleston County Council for the change and hopes her experience encourages others to speak out about concerns in their community.

"It is possible to participate in your government, but it does take some work. It really takes commitment and time and it's hard to do," Berry said.

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