James Island voters choose mayoral incumbent or challenger

By Stacy

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- Some people might see a new housing development as a place where people would want to live. But Trent Kernodle saw the new James Island development as a place that's trashing his small-town values.

"There are places all over where they clear cut the land, putting up as many houses as they possibly can," the James Island mayoral candidate said. "To me, that's not consistent with the idea of slowing down development."

Kernodle is the challenger in Tuesday's James Island mayoral election.

"I decided to run because a lot of people asked me to," he said.

He said people on the Island weren't happy with the status quo. But incumbent Mayor Bill Woolsey said there were a lot of challenges to governing the two-year-old town.

"James Island is unusual in that jurisdictions are mixed. When someone calls town hall, we check if they live in the city, unincorporated county or town. We're working hard so all people in the unincorporated county can vote to get back in to the town," he said.

Woolsey said he made progress on infrastructure, building sidewalks and paving roads.

"I would appreciate if the people of James Island would give me a chance to continue with the work we've done and go forward. Get sidewalks built, improve law enforcement, get tax relief and get our town reunited," Woolsey said.

Voters will also choose four council members from six candidates.

Polls close Tuesday at 7 p.m. James Island has seven polling locations. The town has 9,400 registered voters, officials said.

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