JC Penney's new approach to shopping

By Tessa

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV)-- JC Penney stores across the country roll out their new logo, pricing and store policies Wednesday. Customers can expect big changes that will reflect in what they pay at the check out.

At a recent launch event, CEO Ron Johnson detailed{}sales/marketing strategies{}aimed at transforming JC Penney and the way present and future customers shop. Johnson may just be the man to get the job done. Prior to joining JCP INC., Johnson served for{}11 years as the senior vice president of retail for Apple, Inc.

Gone are percentage off sales and coupon perks. Now they have three levels of merchandise pricing known as "fair and square pricing." Shoppers will be able to take advantage of "every day" pricing identified by a{}red sign. White signs throughout the store point out "month-long values." In place of JC Penney's "Red Zone" clearance items, consumers will now see blue signs that highlight "best price Fridays."

Walking through any JC Penney, shoppers will notice less clutter and wider aisles making navigating stores easier.

Their return policy is also less complicated. People who purchase any item and need to bring it back for whatever reason will be able to "anytime, anywhere."



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