Jenny Sanford staying out of District 1 race

Source: Stacy Jacobson/WCIV

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Former first lady Jenny Sanford said Monday morning she would not be starting a campaign for the Congressional seat left open by Tim Scott.{}

Sanford had been among a growing list of potential candidates for the 1st District seat, including her ex-husband and former governor, Mark Sanford.{}

Jenny Sanford made the announcement while responding to questions at a bill announcement at the Hollings Cancer Center in downtown Charleston. Jenny Sanford sits on the board of the center and supports the bill that would make available the HPV vaccine to seventh graders.

Mark Sanford has stalled on making his plans for a possible campaign. If he does run, it would also be a return to politics for the former governor, who announced he had been cheating on his wife with an Argentine woman.

So far, state Rep. Chip Limehouse, state Sen. Larry Grooms, and Teddy Turner have announced their candidacy. There are several other politicians considering runs.