Jenny Sanford's 1k fine reduced in case of wandering dog

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- South Carolina's former first lady was in court Tuesday afternoon. The judge said he couldn't remember any other time he has signed a $1,000 citation.

"I think it's a little harsh. But, you know police can be that way. And, if this is what town council wants -- if they want to slowly but, surely get rid of resident dog owners or get rid of the dog that residents have, I'm example A that that is working," said Jenny Sandford.

Sanford pleaded guilty to charges related to her dog roaming Atlantic Ave., 16th and 17th streets of Sullivan's Island.

In court, Sanford argued it was a single incident, that the dog never leaves her home and that the fine was too steep for the charge.

"This is the first time this dog got away. I have been here for one other time with another dog and I gave the dog away. There's a lot of heartache that goes into finding a new home for a pet. We have this one pet left.{} I would hate to have to give this dog away for a thousand dollar ticket," said Sandford.

Sanford's dog was spotted on February 22 on the Sands Dunes Club{}near where an episode of{}Army Wives was being filmed.{}The dog{}was picked up by law enforcement officers. Sanford was told to pick up the dog.

Police say{}the dog was{}spotted roaming the town again later the same day.

"I had a leash around my neck. I live right next to a path that goes to the beach. It is legal for me to have the dog off the leash on the beach but, not on the path. It was kind of a technicality," said Sanford.

Judge Lawrence Duffy reduced the fine to $150.

"It's fair to have a fine when a dog gets away. $150{}is alot more fair than $1,040.

This was Sanford's second time in court for such an issue. Her first citation was $90.