Jessica Munday's statement

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. -- It has been over 60 hours since state officials issued a felony warrant to arrest the man illegally holding my friends' daughter. We recognize that Brown is her biological father, but the fact remains that he abandoned her.

However, Matt & Melanie have always been there and have obeyed the law throughout this long and terrible ordeal, even when they were called upon to do the unthinkable and hand over their 2 1/2 year old princess.

The United States Supreme Court and the South Carolina Supreme Court have four times rejected the baseless claims of the people that are holding Veronica illegally. The courts have spoken, and Veronica is Matt and Melanie's daughter.

There is this ridiculous notion out there that there is a twenty-day waiting period. Have you ever heard of a twenty-day waiting period before a kidnapper has to return a child? Of course not.

A swift message needs to be sent to those who are keeping Veronica illegally: you are not above the law.

Matt and Melanie are calling upon federal law enforcement, including Attorney General Eric Holder, and the head of the FBI, Bob Mueller, to take action to bring Veronica home. They are counting on you - and pleading with you to restore law and order for the sake of Veronica and her parents.

Veronica's safety is unquestionably at risk now.

Veronica's court-appointed guardian ad litem has asked judicial officials to act immediately to prevent further irreparable damage to Veronica. We have read the disturbing statements that Veronica won't be returned without the use of force. The man illegally holding Veronica has crossed state lines to avoid a felony warrant.

Where is the Amber alert? Where is the swift show of federal force that accompanies other kidnappings?

We trust our federal officials to keep us safe to keep our sons and daughter safe. Please validate our trust in you and help bring Veronica home right away.

If Veronica were my friends' biological daughter being held unlawfully by other people 1,000 miles away, law enforcement would step up to the plate and bring her home immediately. Make no mistake: Veronica is their daughter. And for law enforcement to treat them any differently than any other parents is a slap in the face to every adoptive parent in America.

Attorney General Holder and Director Mueller, we are counting on you to bring their daughter safely home, and as soon as humanly possible.