Johns Island family's Christmas display visible from miles away

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- There is a home on Johns Island that shines from miles away. In fact, it's a 30-year tradition that keeps it glowing.{}

"I've got{}almost 30 blow ups, 25 lighted different types of Christmas trees, 2 sleigh and reindeer sets. a lot of the white wooden things, I made myself," said Marilyn Morgan.{}

It took a full month to put up every Santa, sleigh and hang every star.{}

"We started about 8 a.m. and some nights we wouldn't quit until 10 p.m.," she said.{}

And the lights have become a staple of Christmas.{}

"The other night when we were watching TV and we just see slow moving cars and then, pretty soon I'll see cars stop. And, I'll go out and say feel free to get out and walk around," Morgan said.{}

Morgan said the secret is to never pay full price for anything. She said she usually waits until after Christmas to buy more lights for the next year.{}

The Morgans said they try to use as many LED lights as possible. However, their electric bill is still about $30 per day.