Johns Island farm slow in sales with PGA in town

By Stefanie

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - Even with all the heavy traffic on Johns Island on Friday, few cars were turning into Kiawah Island's next-door neighbor Rosebank Farms.

From eggplants to tomatoes and pears to flowers, you can see just about everything at Rosebank Farms. But one thing the farm has not been seeing, is a return on investment from the PGA Championship being held on Kiawah Island's Ocean Course.

Sales for the farm have been down 20 to 25% since the PGA started earlier{}this week.

"Many people said that this would be great for businesses and things having the PGA Championship out here and I'm not so sure it is," said Rosebank Farm Apprentice, Bo Collins. "It might be good for Kiawah's business certainly, but we've definitely been slow."

It's as slow as the traffic is moving right in front of the farm's market stand.{}Collins said it seems produce is the last thing on PGA goers minds.

"You think about the tourists coming into town. We are in the business of fresh produce and things so most of the tourists are probably staying in hotels and eating out at restaurants instead of cooking themselves," Collins said.

"The people going to the golf match coming from town are going there and staying however long they stay, they get hot and tired, they need water, and then they're leaving," Rosebank Farmer Sidi Limehouse said.

Sidi Limehouse is the head farmer at Rosebank Farms and says his regular customers have either rented out their houses for the tournament, or are too scared off by the heavy traffic to come his way.

"This week because of house rentals because of the PGA those people aren't here and we're losing them and have a slight reduction in business," Limehouse said. "We expected to lose a little business and we have."