Johns Island hero awarded police appreciation honor

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - Tuesday afternoon, Brian White was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Charleston Police Department.

In September, police officials say White helped save an elderly woman after her car flipped and landed in a pond on Maybank Highway.

"I was inside my house with the baby and I heard the crash," said White, as he recalled the accident.

White's home and office are located just across the street from where the accident happened.

"Went outside and there was people outside screaming there was a person inside the vehicle in the water," said White. "Nobody was reacting so I just dove in."

White says the oxidation pond was about four feet deep and filthy.

"Diving in the water, mid-air, I thought I would need tennis shoes on. I was scared," said White.

White says he wasn't sure what he was jumping into but, he knew he had to act quickly.

"I reached in and she grabbed me. So, I knew there was somebody in the vehicle," White said. "She tried to pull me to her so, I fought away from her, turned around and my nephew was there with a knife and I took the knife and cut the seatbelt."

White says 78-year-old Eva Mae Chisolm was trapped underwater and tangled in her seatbelt.

"The adrenaline was so extensive that it was hard to comprehend anything at that moment other than just keeping her above water," said White.

White says Chisolm swallowed some of the water and was choking. But, once she was able to speak, she said, "Thank God. That's all she could say was 'Praise God, thank God I'm okay and thank you,'" White said.

White says Chisolm was not badly injured.{}

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