Joint Base teaches airmen about resiliency

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The Air Force knows airmen need to be more than physically fit. They also must be socially, mentally and spiritually intact. That's why they are teaching airmen a lesson in resiliency.

"Resiliency is life skills," Senior Master Sgt. Michelle McMeekin said. "It is teaching our airmen and our personnel how to deal with day to day adversities and challenges."

McMeekin says the training teaches them how to cope with personal issues with children.

"War is not pleasant and when we see things out there, we understand that we have to come back to the day to day operations of what that looks like too."

The Air Force made the training mandatory last year. Since October, they have been working to train everyone on base. So far, 20 percent of active duty have completed the training.

"It's so important for our airmen to understand and learn that no matter how bad it seems today, there's a way to get through it."