Jumping in the mud at Legare Farms

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - The first ever mud run was held at Legare Farms on Johns Island Saturday.

Organizers hope the Mega Monster Mud Run series will come to Legare Farms every September and April.

"We've been studying this for years, and it seems like now is the best time to do it. Some of these mud runs are getting huge numbers and as you can see, they love it - The first obstacle is straight into the pluff mud with the fidler crabs and they just came out smiling so we're more than ecstatic," said organizer Trey Bennett.

All 17 obstacles in the course were handmade. Bennett says the natural areas of South Carolina are perfect for crafting mud run obstacles.

The Mega Monster Mud Run in April is expected to be a much bigger event, according to Bennett.