Jury selection begins in Marley Lion case

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Attorneys for one of the men accused of killing Marley Lion filed motions Monday morning to have an unrelated armed robbery stricken from evidence.

That motion was among nearly a dozen other pre-trial motions filed by the defense and prosecution as both sides selected jurors and prepared to present their cases on Tuesday.

Ryan Deleston has been charged with murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Lion last June in the parking lot outside a bar.

Deleston's attorney, however, is asking the judge to prohibit testimony about a shooting in which Deleston was not involved -- but the gun was used -- weeks before the Lion murder. Deleston's attorneys argue that information in that case did not have bearing on the Lion case even though the gun used in the armed robbery was used in the Lion murder and owned by one of Deleston's co-defendants.

Defense attorneys also sought to have the criminal histories of the prosecution's witnesses revealed. Deleston's attorneys are also trying to prevent photos of Lion's body from being admitted into evidence.

Defense attorneys are also hoping to suppress information Deleston provided during an interrogation, saying Deleston was not read his Miranda rights or allowed to ask for an attorney before he started talking about the case.

According to case records, Lion had parked his SUV that night instead of driving home drunk. Shortly after crawling into the back seat, Deleston, Julius Brown, Bryan Rivers and George Brown showed up outside the West Ashley bar, tried to break into Lion's SUV and then fired several shots into the SUV.

Five of the shots hit Lion, killing him.

Prosecutors, working off of information provided by two of the men who accepted plea agreements, say Deleston pulled the trigger.

Court ended before 5 p.m. Monday. Opening statements are slated to start first thing Tuesday morning.