Katie's Krops Gets Disney Recognition in Lowcountry

Helping others, one vegetable at a time.

"After I saw how many people waited in line at the soup kitchen and that could be their only meal of the day, I thought I would do something more," explained Katie Stagliano, a sixth grader at Pinewood Preparatory School and founder of Katie's Krops.

That "something more" began two years ago for Katie as she began Katie's Krops. She started her garden by planting a single cabbage plant.

"When I planted that cabbage seedling and treated it just like it was any other plant and I never thought it would grow to be 40 pounds and I never thought I would get any of this attention," she said.

That attention comes by way of the Disney Channel's show "Friends for Change" ... highlighting Katie's garden.

"To see young minds coming up wanting to make change, do things for things for the environment and help out the homeless, it is good to come out here and see Katie," explained Doc Shaw, actor on the Disney XD series "Pair of Kings."

"It is so important for these kids to realize they can do so much in the community as well as the world and make it better place," said Kelsey Chow, also an actor on the Disney XD series "Pair of Kings."

Katie has a long term goal of planting gardens across the country.

"I want to have a garden in all in all 50 states and be able to help as many people as possible and inspire other kids to follow their dreams," Katie said.

Katie is going to receive a $2500 grant from Disney's Friends for Change and she plans on using the money to plant a garden at the Palmetto House Shelter early in 2011.