Kids play doctor with real doctors at Teddy Bear Clinic

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Going to the doctor can be scary for kids but there's a fun and furry way to turn frowns upside down.The MUSC Children's Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department hosted a Teddy Bear Clinic Saturday.The clinic helps put kids at ease when they visit the hospital and maybe even inject a little fun. "The more calm kids are when they are in the hospital setting, the easier it is for the staff to do the best medical exam they can," MUSC Children's Hospital Child Life Specialist, Melissa Hale said. "Anyway you can make it more fun make it easier all around for everyone."Staff members 'registered' teddy bears with ID bracelets and helped children use their imaginations to describe faux injuries on their furry friends.Each teddy was weighed, their vital signs were checked and they even got examined by a physician just like at a real visit to the doctor's office.Meanwhile, kids got to learn about pediatric respiratory therapists, breathing treatments, pediatric radiology technicians and the radiology equipment. Teddy Bears left the clinic with discharge instructions such as "read two books before bedtime" and a small gift bag.

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