King Street keeps booming

By Stefanie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- To shop, eat, live, work and play all in one place -- that's the goal for the ever-changing face of King Street.

The announcement last week of top global retailer H&M opening its doors on King Street has brought back the buzz to the city's hottest street.

"It is a testament to Charleston, South Carolina to attract a retailer like that," Chris Price, President of the PrimeSouth Group said.

Price, a developer, said big shops like H&M are just the beginning in a plan to transform King Street into a multi-use neighborhood.

"The boom is here, we all see it, we all can gravitate to it now and visually see what's happening," Price said.

The opening of the national headquarters of computer software company PeopleMatter started the vision of more office spaces on Upper King Street, according to Price.

"PeopleMatter, I assume they have 70 to 80 people, and they want to expand already. They flood the streets during the lunch hours," Price said. "There has been a big demand for office components."

Living is another huge part of the equation.

A new 200-room apartment complex, known as the Elan Midtown, is under construction on Spring and Meeting Streets and is slated to open in August. Construction is also set to begin on the $80-million project known as the Midtown Development that will include a hotel, office, and retail space.

But work still needs to be done, as Price warns that city infrastructure will need to catch up with King Street's booming development for this all to be a success.

"I think the biggest thing the city has to figure out now is that we are the 'it' place to come to," Price said. "The traffic, the parking, the safety issues -- that's something we have to address from a city-wide standpoint."

"If it's not done properly we are not going to attract the businesses," he said. "We won't feed the realtors and the culinary scene, so now we need to maintain what we built and that is truly the key."

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