Kite boarders rescued on Sullivan's Island as USCG issues warning

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV)-- While the weather remains calm and sunny on the coast of Charleston, the waves of the Atlantic are causing trouble thanks to Tropical Storm Beryl.

Sullivan's Island Fire and Rescue had to come to the aid of some kite boarders and paddle boarders in distress Saturday afternoon.

Just as we were getting notifications from our crew on the beach, the United States Coast Guard issued a warning, strongly urging boaters and swimmers to stay out of ocean waters along the Georgia and South Carolina coasts until the storm has passed.

"Tropical storm conditions are expected to exist along the South Carolina and Georgia coasts over the coming days," the release stated. "Heavy seas, significant rain, and damaging winds may accompany Tropical Storm Beryl and present serious dangers to boaters.{} Adverse weather effects generated by a depression, storm, or hurricane can cover an area hundreds of miles wide."

The Coast Guard also asked that boaters secure their vessel before the storm arrives, adding additional mooring lines if necessary. They also ask that boaters make sure any gear above deck be stowed and secured to avoid loose items appearing as a debris field in the water, triggering an unnecessary search for non-existent victims by the Coast Guard.

As for the rescue on Sullivan's Island, officials say everyone is okay but rescuers smashed up one of their jet skis in the process, tearing a big hole in the side.