Lab pup finds new family via boxcar to Liberty

LIBERTY, S.C. (AP) -- Firefighters in the South Carolina town of Liberty plucked a black lab puppy from the top of a Norfolk Southern and presented the 3-month old dog with a new home.

"It's fate," said Tina Parker, who spotted the tiny pup when she and her family were stopped Sunday night at a red light and saw the train pass by.

Parker said she saw what she thought was trash on the top of the train, but then it started moving and she realized it was a small dog.

She called 911 and followed the train to Liberty about six miles away.

A Norfolk Southern spokeswoman said they stopped the train, which was going about 50 mph while traveling from Pennsylvania to Atlanta.

The Parker family helped firefighters find the car in the long train and locate the puppy.

"The only thing we can think is probably somebody put her up there," Parker said.

Firefighters used a ladder to reach the pup and gave the dog to the Parker family.

The Parkers named the dog Boxcar Hunter, or Boxy for short. They made an appointment with the veterinarian to have the dog checked, but Parker said it seems healthy and happy to be off the train.

Parker said no one knows who put the dog atop the train.