USS Laffey Returns Home

(Tessa Spencer/WCIV)

By Tessa

Charleston,SC(WCIV)-- The USS Laffey is finally headed home.{} By the end of the week she will once again become an attraction at Patriot's Point.

Also known as "the ship that will not die, the Laffey's list of historical accomplishments is impressive having served in both the European theater and in the D-day landings at Normandy in WWII.{}

There will have to be some shifting done in order to make room for the destroyer.{} The USS Clamagore submarine will be berthed in the marina area while the Laffey will be moved into the Clamagore's old spot.

According to Mac Burdette, Executive Director Patriot's Point Development Authority,{}the switch will be a "great position in terms of accessibility and visibility for the public- a great move all around."

A celebration is scheduled in early April that will coincide with The Laffey's major engagement in the South Pacific.

Patriot's Point will be closed through Friday January 27th during the move.

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