Large new development planned for Long Point Road

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Sixteen acres off Long Point Road in Mount Pleasant could be the next big shopping destination in the Lowcountry, but that's not exactly good news for those who live nearby.

Imagine a grocery store, restaurants, apartments, and more store fronts being developed in the area directly across from the Belle Hall Shopping Center.

It's a concept many people just can't picture.

It's hard to miss Edward Wright's property. It's just about the only green space left in an area being rapidly developed. It's next door to a proposed multi-use shopping complex.

"There's a lot of changes that have come that I never thought would come but it's here now," Wright said.

Wright wasn't shocked when he saw plans that would bring not only more businesses but more congestion and possibly more problems to his area. His biggest concern was finding out who would monitor the developments.

"I think more police should be around for our safety -- and firemen -- anything that will make life safer," Wright said.

A recent traffic study done on Long Point Road estimates 25,000 cars travel the road daily.

Others in the area say the vacant lot has been an eyesore and they welcome any development.

A public hearing has been set for July 23.

As for the Wrights, they say whatever happens next door to them, they won't be selling their land. A fence will just have to do..

Wright said he will attend the public hearing, but says it most likely will not make a difference.

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