Last day at Coastal Carolina Fair could make history

BY Gregory Woods

LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) -- After 11 exciting days of rides, games and food, the Coastal Carolina Fair opened its gates Sunday for the last time this season.

Fair officials are hoping the season is one for attendance books.

"Attendance is just over 200,000," said Dennis Scott, the fair's president. "With today's attendance, we hope to be able to possibly cross the quarter of a million line which would be an all-time record for us."

Officials came up with a game plan to keep foot traffic high and car congestion low.

"Last night we started doing something called back filling where we go back to the lots earlier in the day and we started to repark those lots with the second round of folks and we were able to come up with a plan where we were able to fill several lots we hadn't filled previously and made it made a world of difference," said Scott.

He said the record-holding year for attendance at the fair is 2003 when 242,000 crossed through the gates.

Scott said about 55,000 people attended the fair Saturday. If the same number visit Sunday, Scott said 2013 will be the new record-holding year.

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