Latest Summerville earthquake registers 2.5 in magnitude

By Ava Wilhite

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) Just off Berlin G. Myers Parkway in Summerville, neighbors are shaken up by the most recent tremor to strike their subdivision.

"Sounded like a boom, first I thought maybe it was a wreck down at the intersection but then I thought that wasn't the right kind of sound," said Joe Bruton.

The Bruton family was cleaning around the house when they said they felt a little shock but mostly a sound they've come to recognize.

"And I hollered out to Joe. I said, 'Did you hear that?' He said, 'Yes, I think we've had an earth quake,'"said Becky Bruton. {}{}

The USGS estimates the quake registered around 2.5 in magnitude.

"My little dog was sound asleep and jumped up and started running around so she felt it too." said Cathy Godbout. "So I knew I wasn't imagining it but it sounded like a big clap of thunder."

Dr. Steven Jaume, Associate Professor of Geology at the College of Charleston said earthquakes are normal in Summerville.

"If it happens more often then it normally does you tend to take more notice," he said.

The most recent earthquakes near Summerville happened on September 14 and August 25.{}

You can visit the South Carolina Earthquake Education and Preparedness website to report earthquakes at