No charges for Citadel safety officer after driving into marsh

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Citadel Public Safety officer who drove her police cruiser into the marsh in downtown Charleston Thursday morning will not be charged.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol said Camille Petersen would not be facing charges after she accidentally hit the gas and accelerated through a decorative gateway at the end of St. Margaret Street and into the riverfront marsh.

According to the military college, Petersen was on a routine patrol through the neighborhood at the start of her shift at the time of the accident. The school is a few blocks south of the intersection.

A maintenance crew from The Citadel salvaged a rose bush before a tow truck pulled the cruiser out of the marsh.

Petersen was not injured in the accident that happened shortly before 7 a.m., the school said. The car was towed to The Citadel's fleet maintenance facility for inspection.

Officials have not said how much damage the car sustained. At the time of the accident, the tide was not moving in, so the car was not flooded.

Petersen's car knocked down the decorative gate that had been erected by Lowndes Grove, the adjacent plantation property.