Lawnmower Man back in Charleston, working on veterans nonprofit

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Like an artist with a paintbrush, Chris Cox uses horsepower to carve his crafts. He's trying to replenish the woodcarving inventory at his business, Cox Woodcarving, so he can focus on a new passion -- American veterans.

"Our intention is to go in and show a lot of respect to the veterans.{} We're going to go in and try to change their lives. Make 'em feel real important," said Cox.

He founded a nonprofit group called Memorial Militia. The website is up and running at{} Now he needs money to fund his goal.

"We want to hire vets to work on behalf of disabled vets. And so we want to be able to go in and pick up a disabled veteran in a little limousine, take him out get him a haircut, new pair of shoes, and some lunch," said the Mount Pleasant woodcarver.

Cox is hoping his notoriety from Washington last October will bring interest to Memorial Militia.{}

Air Force veteran Henry Stevens of Georgetown thinks military members can be forgotten.{} That's why he admires the efforts of Cox.

"Fortunately we live in a country that recognizes the value of the people that have sacrificed their family life and their beings," said Stevens.

For now, Cox will continue his woodwork while looking to the future, one carving at a time.{}

"I want to try to affect the lives of veterans who have affected the lives of each and every one of us," said Cox.

He plans to return to Washington in January so he can recruit Republican and Democratic lawmakers to become board members for Military Militia.

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