Leaders of Cooper River Bridge Run issue apology

(Brian Troutman/WCIV)

By Alex

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- Anyone who ran in the 2012 Cooper River Bridge Run will likely wake up to an apologetic letter delivered via email.

Race Director Julian Smith and CRBR Board of Directors Chairman Ken Ayoub issued a joint apology to race participants Wednesday.

The apology focuses on the roughly one-hour delay runners were forced to deal with on Saturday.

"On behalf of all of us associated with the management of the Bridge Run, as Chairman of the Board of Directors and as Race Director, we both offer our most sincere apologies to each and every one of you who endured the unprecedented problems that you were faced with during this 35th and largest edition of the Cooper River Bridge Run," the race director and board of directors chairman said. "At this time we are working to confirm the details and facts surrounding the delayed start. We do know that transporting runners to the start line did not occur in a timely manner, which was the initial cause of the delay that we all experienced."

The two race leaders recognized speculation regarding race delay causes made on social media and by several news outlets.

"Until we determine exactly what happened, it is all speculation and rumor and it would be irresponsible for us to act on anything other than facts," they said. "The board and staff are meeting this week to work on confirming the causes of the delay and to work on and develop appropriate solutions."

The race leaders ended their letter by saying, "Whatever the causes were, we will fix them."

Ayoub has previously said the shuttle buses and a problem with the wheelchair race contributed to the delay.

The late start probably also contributed to the shortage of water bottles and longer race times, according to Ayoub.

More than 36,000 people crossed the finish line.