Lighting the night with hope

Preparations underway (Felicia Allyn/WCIV)

By Stefanie

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- It's an event where hope can be seen in the darkest of night. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is hosting their annual Light the Night event Thursday night to raise awareness to the battle so many fight.

"Lymphoma and Leukemia are blood cancers and a lot of the medications that are found to help cancer patients might not even help blood cancers that is why they are so important," walking group{}team leader{}Jennifer Cull said.

Jennifer Cull is in charge of a Light the{}Night{}walking group from Charleston Hematology Oncology Associates.

The 54 person team has raised almost{}$7,000 for Thursday's event

"We are reminded every day of what cancer can do to someone physically, emotionally, and financially so it is a great reminder of what we are doing and why we are trying to raise money," Cull said.

It looks to be a colorful night. The one-mile walk starts at Mount Pleasant's Waterfront Park and continues down Coleman Boulevard.

"Anyone who is a supporter is going to carry a red balloon and it will have a light inside of it. It's such a moving experience, the white balloons are for patients and survivors of blood cancers and the golds will be carried by anyone who is remembering someone who lost their life to battling cancer," Cull said.

The Light the Night event kicks off at 6:45 Thursday night at Mount Pleasant's Waterfront Park.{} The walk is expected to start at 7:15. Registration is still available at the walk for anyone who wants to take part.