Lincoln JROTC cadets compete in USMC air rifle match

Cadet Ladaesha Green competes in the November rifle competition. She had the highest score in that round. (Source: Lincoln Facebook)

By Kimberlyn ProsserSpecial to

MCCLELLANVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) - Four of LincolnMiddle-High School's JROTC cadets competed on March 22 in the Marine Corps postalair rifle match.

The cadets -- Nefateria Brown, Nida Singleton, Ladaesha Greenand Kimberlyn Prosser -- each faced multiple complications in the event,including breathing-control, trigger-control and posture. There are also three positions of air rifle shooting: standing,kneeling, and prone.

In each position, the rifle is held up to the eye by thenon-firing hand in the crook of the firing shoulder. When done right, thismakes accurate shooting a lot easier.

Scores are based on an assessment of the positions and complications. Though all of the cadets scored well, Brown scored thehighest of the four.

"To me, competing in the competition was an honor. I saythis because I felt as if I did a good job in school to be selected to competein an actual competition," Brown said about the competition.

She says the only thing challenging was the kneelingposition, though she never looked at it as being difficult because her motheralways taught her to never look at something as being difficult.

Brown said it feels amazing to know that she scored thehighest of the four cadets, adding she would have never imagined being thatgood at shooting air rifles.

However, she always kept the quote that her father said toher in the back of her mind: "Always expect the unexpected."

When asked if she would like to do it again, she said, "Ofcourse I would do it again. I love shooting the air rifles because it teachesme precision and accuracy, and it also gives me an opportunity to win awardsand medals that I can take home to show my parents."

Brown said she would also like to give a special thanks toSSG Stephen Tinney and LTC Marvin Kirkland for encouraging her to do her bestin shooting and for always giving her the advice to never give up.

Brown said she believes that if she never took JROTC, she probablywould not be the person that she is today.


KimberlynProsser is a student at Lincoln Middle-High Schooland member of the JROTC program. She has also joined a program to have newsarticles about the events in her school published on

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