Lincoln's principal excited to be part of CCSD's core building plan

MCCLELLANVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) - The school survived Hurricane Hugo, but there's some question whether Lincoln Middle-High School will survive Charleston County's to-do list.

At Monday night's school board meeting, the board members began prioritizing its wish list, deciding what to fix and what to rebuild from the ground up.

Lincoln Middle-High School in McClellanville was put on a core projects list, but only in terms of planning. It's far from a done deal, but the plans have the school's principal ecstatic.

The classrooms may be cramped, but Dr. Yvonne Commodore considers the possibilities as she walks the hallways that haven't seen substantial upgrades.

"The mention of my school makes me happy. I am committed to the cause and committed the students I serve," she said.

The school was built in 1956. Since then, it hasn't seen many upgrades, even after it survived Hurricane Hugo. Even the principal's office is just another classroom.

"My advice to people or students who complain about our environment and surroundings is let's focus on the things we can change, what we can change is instruction in the classroom. Other people will decide what happens with the other stuff," Commodore said.

She has a school wish list that starts with bricks and mortar, but she's more focused on education and new technologies that could enhance teaching.

"It is so rewarding to watch students come to us at one level and leave us at another. To me that's the heightened euphoria of education, to make a difference in a child's life," Commodore said. "I think just looking at my own background coming from poverty -- education is how I got out."

Students and staff know a new building won't make them smarter or better, but school pride can be a motivator.

The new school design may have been approved, but the only way it becomes a reality is with substantial funding. That money would come from a voter-approved extension to the penny sales tax.

That measure will be on ballots in November.