Aiken, Hampton elected to open Lincolnville council seats

LINCOLNVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -{}Tyrone Aiken and James C. Hampton will return to public service once again for the town of Lincolnville. Unofficial vote tallies show the two men edged out{}Anna Williams-Gleaton for the two open seats in Tuesday's election.When the votes are certified, the failsafe and provisional ballots will be counted.{}The Lincolnville Public Safety building was turned on Tuesday into an election precinct. The small town held a special election to fill two vacant town council seats.Williams-Gleaton served on town council for 11 years."There's a lot of work that needs to be done," said Williams-Gleaton when asked why she wanted to run again. "If you drive around the village, you can see the streets, we have several streets that's still not paved. We still have a lot of debris on the streets."Streets were one of Williams-Gleaton's main focuses when she was on council. She says, if elected, her goals would be, "to see all of the streets paved. To see us get proper drainage in here."Williams-Gleaton was born and raised in Lincolnville, much like Tyrone Aiken."Lived here all my life. Raised my children here. So, I'm very fond of Lincolnville," said Aiken.Aiken says he began public service at age 27. He served as mayor of Lincolnville for 14 years and as councilman for 14 years. Aiken says he still has work to complete for the town."I think there's some unfinished business that I didn't complete," said Aiken. "We talked about getting an increase in our water pressure and getting a water tank when I was mayor. It didn't happen. We started some sidewalk construction, we didn't complete it."Hampton wasn't born in Lincolnville, but certainly calls the small town home."I have been living in Lincolnville for about 40 years," said Hampton. "I was in the Air Force and, while in the Air Force, built a house here in Lincolnville."After rallying for better fire equipment and resources, Hampton became the Lincolnville Fire Chief, then served as a councilman for nearly 30 years."With 28 years experience, I would be remiss if I didn't come back on to try to assist the mayor and council to serve the citizens and town," Hampton said.