Local advice to easing the back to school transition

By: Amy

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - Just when your children finally settled into their summer routine, it is time to switch things up again. Local parenting expert Bonnie Compton appeared on Lowcountry Live to help parents and children make the transition.

Compton suggested that parents begin the transition a week or so before school begins. They could begin setting earlier bedtime and waking times.

Parents can also set their children up for success by gathering proper school supplies. Once school beings, Compton recommended that families minimize morning mishaps by preparing for the day the night before. This includes: packing backpacks and lunches ahead of time, setting out clothes the night before and ensuring adequate sleep.

Each day, parents may provide a nutritious breakfast and provide structure (time and place) for homework.

For children who are upset or nervous about going back to school, Compton advised that you let them know that what they are feeling is normal. To help, parents might schedule a time for students to see their school and meet their teachers or organize get-togethers with former classmates.

As for homework, Compton suggested that parental involvement should depend on the child's needs. She believes that parents should promote independence as much as possible and inform the teachers if the child is struggling with homework.