Local alum reacts to Penn State penalties

By Valencia

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Darren Goldwater calls Penn State "heaven on earth" and hates to see his alma mater under such scrutiny.

"It's the worst thing I've seen, not just from a college sports landscape, but, anything involving a university nationwide," said Goldwater, who announces play-by-plays for the Southern Conference Network.

Monday, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) handed Penn State University a $60 million fine, equal to one year of football revenue for the college. If that weren't enough, the college football team is banned from any post season bowl games and stripped of 10 football scholarships for the next four years. Current players and recruits are now allowed to transfer to other football programs without penalty.

"Today's announcement was a crippling announcement for the football program," said Goldwater. "That's going to hurt from a recruiting standpoint because any other team can go into a recruits living room and say, 'hey, you're never going to play for a national championship at Penn State'."

While the sanctions are set to last only four years, Goldwater says the impact will be felt much longer.

"From a depth stand point, they are going to be way behind the eight ball. So, any injury magnifies when you compare Penn State to any other FBS program at that point," said Goldwater.

The sanctions are a first from the NCAA.

"The reality is what the NCAA did, they set a precedent unlike anything they've ever done before, but they saw what happened to Penn State figured that someone or a group of people needed to be accountable and that's what they did," Goldwater said.

The college's football program is now set back 13 years. The NCAA also eliminated past football victories between 1998 to 2011.