Local artist keeps mother's legacy alive through music

By Gregory

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- There are more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in America today. In 2011, local music producer Willie Heyward lost all hope his mother would one day be a part of that number.

But it was in her final moment that inspired him to change the tune of his music to inspire those suffering with the disease.

"She held my hand tight and took her last breath," he said. "I felt like another person entered me, immediately."

Now, her legacy lives within the lyrics he speaks into the microphone to spread awareness about breast cancer.

In one of Heyward's new songs, 'aMAZEd,' he raps, "You're a survivor, you're my friend till the end, and it's just the beginning because now me and you winning ... They may have doubts and tears and cries and fears but with nothing left we are feeling alright. Because lately they say it's a new day. It's a you day."

The local producer said he hopes his music helps those suffering with the disease, to come out of depression.

"I want people to be happy no matter what," he said. "Because there is a disease that's worse and has been around longer than any disease- and that's called sadness."